Xline Systems Ltd

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1st time at Manchester
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Welcome to Xline Systems Ltd, where our legacy in the cleaning industry spans over

40 years. Established in 1980, we are a family-run business based in the heart of the

East Midlands near Derby.

At Xline Systems, we’re the pros in designing, making, setting up, and taking care of

all things water-fed cleaning. Window cleaning, high-pressure jobs, steam cleaning,

chemical cleaning, roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning – you name it, we’ve got it


“We design, manufacture water-fed cleaning equipment for commercial & industrial

cleaning applications.” Translation: We’re always cooking up cool stuff for exterior

cleaning businesses big and small.

We’re all about delivering smart, affordable solutions. Our gear is built for efficiency

and ease of use, making your cleaning life a breeze. Our secret sauce? Loads of

experience, listening to what you need, and customizing solutions just for you.

Meet our crew – a bunch of industry buffs who bring the Xline vibe to life. Trust,

reliability, and a shared love for being excellent – that’s what we’re all about. As

we keep rolling forward, we’re staying ahead of the curve, dropping cutting-edge

solutions, and giving top-notch service to our awesome clients.

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