BEWARE OF SCAMS: Protecting Your Data and Privacy

Scam Alert: Misleading Emails and False Claims

Unauthorised entities may attempt to deceive community members through fraudulent means. Be cautious of unsolicited emails claiming to sell attendee data for the Manchester Cleaning Show, with some even featuring our event logo to appear genuine.

These emails are scams, Manchester Cleaning Show does not engage in the sale or sharing of attendee data with third parties or sell it ourselves.

If you receive any suspicious emails offering to sell attendee data or making false claims related to the Manchester Cleaning Show, please ignore, delete, and refrain from engaging.


If you're exhibiting at the Manchester Cleaning Show, beware of potential scams affecting businesses in the UK and internationally. You might receive communications from entities like INTERNATIONAL FAIRS DIRECTORY (IFD), INTER-FAIRS, EXPO-GUIDE, FAIRGUIDE, or CONSTRUCT DATA.

These misleading communications, often delivered via email or post, may be preceded by a phone call to verify your details for an exhibition listing.

The forms falsely claim association with the event organisers, urging you to provide company information urgently for what seems to be a free online exhibitor listing service or exhibition directory.

Please warn anyone in your office who opens the post or any emails (including “info@” emails) at your company about this scam . Do not complete and return any of these forms.

Submitting the forms commits you to a three-year advertising contract in an "International Fairs Directory" or web listing, incurring significant annual costs. Additionally, signing may grant permission for the unauthorised use of images from your website to create ads. Details of this commitment are often hidden in the small print at the bottom of the form or on the reverse.

Even if you try to cancel the order upon realising the mistake, you'll receive an invoice. Resist payment, as the promised service will not be delivered. Ignore any letters or invoices, and avoid engaging in phone conversations.

Legal action has been taken against similar entities worldwide, including Inter-Fairs Directory, Expo-Guide, Fairguide, Mulpor, and Construct Data. However, these entities often re-emerge under new names and jurisdictions. The latest iteration is IFD/Mulpor, based in Costa Rica.

Exercise caution and thoroughly scrutinise all forms before signing. Ensure that only a director or a designated signatory in your company can authorise and verify directory entries. Thousands of individuals and businesses have fallen victim to Expo-Guide and Fairguide/Construct Data (now IFD), leading to significant challenges.

Before completing any forms, verify their legitimacy with the organisers of the Manchester Cleaning Show. If you encounter such a scam, report it to the Government's Anti-Fraud office, Action Fraud, run by the City of London Police:

Stay vigilant to protect your business from these deceptive practices.


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