2Pure Products

Stand E21

1st time at Manchester
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2Pure Products is the UK-based hygiene company behind the market-leading cleaning innovation, OdorBac Tec4, and the UK’s first closed loop recycling system for containers and packaging, LoopBoxTM.

OdorBac Tec4 is the safest yet most powerful all-in-one odour eliminator, and truly multi-purpose commercial cleaner, in the world. Due to its patented technology, the product is capable of replacing over 90% of customers’ existing cleaning products. In turn, this reduces risk, training and cost while increasing efficiency, speed and results.

Developed, manufactured and used with sustainability front of mind, OdorBac Tec4 also supports customers’ sustainability efforts, reducing single-use plastic and CO2 emissions. All OdorBac Tec4 bottles and containers are made from 100% recycled plastic, and are delivered in 2Pure’s innovative LoopBoxTM, which recycles containers time and time again, preventing the need to produce virgin plastic and slashing C02 emissions.

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