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What is workforce management technology and how will it impact my cleaning business?

Workforce management technology is an umbrella term for the devices, apps, software and systems that help a business manage staff scheduling, task monitoring, track and monitor time and attendance and provide management information. Ezitracker has recently launched a Cleaning Contractors Guide to Remote Workforce Management and you can read some of the extracts within this blog post.

The prevalence of cloud-based technologies such as time and attendance workforce management software has made it significantly easier for service providers to manage teams of staff across multiple sites.

There’s no doubt that new disruptive technologies are driving greater automation in this sector. By integrating automation, and embracing cloud-based information intelligence, efficiency and productivity measuring and monitoring can get a whole lot easier.

Cleaning contractors already using time and attendance technology can highlight the staff that regularly turn up for work on time, and those that are there until the end of their shift.

Workforce management technology can help cleaning contractors improve operational efficiencies. An integrated workforce management system will include scheduling, payroll and invoice reporting so you can allocate employees, assign pay rates, produce payroll extracts, and report results quickly. It should integrate easily and seamlessly with existing rostering and payroll systems.

Most will allow tailored reports to be created quickly and easily. The technology significantly reduces potential for fraud and timekeeping disputes as it enables Payroll Managers to compare actual hours worked against planned hours, therefore significantly reducing the chance of over-payments.

Time and attendance data can be captured using either a landline / mobile telephone or another workforce monitoring device.

The data is then sent in real-time, so Managers can get a clear picture of what staff are where, and when, receive immediate alerts for late arrivals, no-shows and early leavers and act fast to minimise service disruption. A number of devices are available to manage remote worker time and attendance. Smartphone modules are a great solution for site workers who do not have access to a fixed line telephone to log their time and attendance. Staff simply login and out of the client’s site by scanning

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