The Cleaning Show

Research Report: Cleanliness at Work

Wednesday 25th March 11:30 - 12:00

80% of FM workers believe sick colleagues are responsible for passing on germs, compared to just 66% of employees in other sectors. Research commissioned by London-based Cleanology found FM workers also appear to be more hygiene-conscious than their counterparts in other industries, with just over half being likely to carry sanitising spray at work – 16% more than across wider industry. Dominic Ponniah explores attitudes to workplace illness, the rise of ‘presenteeism’, and cleanliness at work, including techniques for containing the spread of infection in the workplace.

Speaker: Dominic Ponniah, CEO and co-founder at Cleanology

Research Report: Cleanliness at Work

Dominic Ponniah graduated from the London School of Economics and founded a number of businesses, including the high-profile TucTuc in Brighton, Europe’s first motorised rickshaw service. He co-founded Cleanology with his mother in 1999 and today employs around 600 people across London and Manchester.

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