The Cleaning Show

Fireside Chat

Wednesday 14th October 15:30 - 15:30

Neil Nixon speaks with Paul Ashton, CEO, Birkin Cleaning Services, about his experiences during the pandemic and his thoughts on the future of commercial cleaning post-COVID-19.

Speaker: Paul Ashton, CEO at Birkin Cleaning Services

Fireside Chat

Paul Ashton is CEO of Birkin Cleaning Services and Chairman of the CSSA (Cleaning and Support Services Association) Technology and Innovation Executive. Hugely passionate about the future of our industry and, in particular, the opportunity to use innovation in positive ways to provide support for front line employees, Paul is excited about how technology is becoming increasingly integrated into every aspect of cleaning. He is committed to helping demonstrate the increasing importance of cleaning and cleaning technology within FM. Paul is also keen to ensure the outside world is aware of the many exciting opportunities that exist within cleaning and that it is viewed as a career with genuine prospects and potential.

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