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The Manchester Cleaning Show seminar programme is free-to-attend. These sessions can be popular though, so we advise that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the session is due to start to reserve your seat.  

Cleaning and Hygiene - a 2020 vision

Wednesday 11 April 2018

SESSION 1: The British Cleaning Council – leading the industry towards a prosperous future

10:00 - Welcome to the Manchester Cleaning Show

Stan Atkins, chairman of the British Cleaning Council

10:15 - The British Cleaning Council’s Research Report – Preparing for the Future

Gwenn Winters, director of research and data management, Firedog

FireDog Research is an insight agency that supports government, trade associations and employers seeking to understand challenges and predict future trends relating to employment and skills development. During this presentation it will present the key findings of the research it conducted for the British Cleaning Council in 2017.  It will identify where the sector is likely to grow in the future, how employers can better focus their training budget spending, where providers should concentrate on developing new interventions, and how policy makers can support the industry’s efforts to enhance productivity. Lots of takeaways, insight and analysis stemming from this detailed market research report.

10:45 - Psychological safety - the missing link to productivity in the cleaning sector

Stephen Bloye, CEO, British Association of Cleaning in Higher Education (BACHE), and Hamish Moore, chief executive of Wellbeing Works

This presentation will look at how creating a thriving work environment can radically alter productivity and cost. A detailed case example looking at FM services at Manchester Metropolitan University will also be included. A practical guide to creating attractive workplaces, optimising contributions and enhancing the wellbeing of staff.

11:15 - Creating a career in cleaning

Denise Hanson, FBICSc.

From cleaning operative to manager: This presentation will look at the progression route for cleaning operatives to reach management level within the cleaning industry. 

11:45 - Window cleaning - removing the risk

Scott Smith, FWC executive member and managing director, Smith Services Ltd

and  Steve Kennedy, managing director, Perfect Shine Ltd

This presentation will explain how training certification for cleaning operatives produces wide reaching benefits for building owners, facility managers, cleaning contractors, sub-contractors, and cleaning operatives. It will reference the FWC Safety Accredited Member scheme (SAM) which is a procurement scheme based around formal training for the operatives carrying out the work. It will demonstrate how such a scheme can help building managers and facility managers satisfy their legal obligations regarding safety, whilst improving quality and value for money. It will also look at how it can enable cleaning contractors to grow their business by empowering and engaging the operatives who carry out the practical work.

12:15 - Redefining entry level jobs - how the cleaning industry can lead post-Brexit

Tobias Batkin, managing director, Bespoke Cleaning Solutions – representing the CSSA

Brexit will change the way cleaning companies employ people. Since the Brexit vote in June 2017, there has been a reduction in the numbers of people emigrating to the UK looking for work. Bespoke believes this trend will continue in the short to medium term. It also believes this will present a once in a lifetime opportunity for the cleaning industry to redefine what an entry level job is and flip public perceptions of the cleaning industry on their head. By engaging with under-employed groups in society Bespoke believes the industry can transform cleaning jobs into gateway employment opportunities.

SESSION 2: Future-Ready Workshops

13:30 - The facilities sector in post-Brexit Britain

Dominic Ponniah, CEO and co-founder of Cleanology

This presentation will include a brief summary of the Brexit story so far, and take a more detailed look at some of the reasons for Brexit to put into context the likely outcomes. Dominic will take a practical look at what companies are doing to prepare for Brexit and what contingency plans are being put in place, both from a contractor and end-user perspective. And in conclusion, he will consider the likely impact on the FM industry and how it will not be business as usual post-Brexit. What is certain is that the uncertainty surrounding Brexit is going to keep everyone guessing and debating for many more months to come!

14:00 - Is your recruitment strategy fit for purpose?

Keith Baker, CEO and founder, CERATA Ltd

Far from being a reactive process, recruitment should be a planned approach to your overall business strategy. As with all things in business, effective planning to get the ‘right people in the right seats and on the right bus’ (Jim Collins, From Good to Great 2001) should apply to recruitment. This presentation will look at the principles which CERATA Ltd uses to support companies in being proactive recruiters.  Using practical examples to support its proposition, this session is for all who are interested in recruiting and retaining high caliber personnel.

14:30 - Increasing efficiencies in your business - how to respond to opportunities and challenges with efficiency to maximise profits

Paul Ridden, MD, Smart Task

15:00 - If banking can create digital contracts why can’t you?

Sarah Fox, author, 500 Word Contract

Most companies use contracts to safeguard their rights and to enforce remedies when projects go wrong. However, this ignores the role of contracts in building trust and avoiding disputes, which are critical for project success. The digital revolution requires companies to change both their technological approach and mindset to embrace newer forms of contracting, and reduce the burden of paperwork on their business.

Thursday 12 April 2018

SESSION 3: Health & Safety Workshops in association with the HSE

10:00 - Health and safety in the cleaning industry - Helping Great Britain Work Well (HGBWW) strategy in practise

Tracy Hamilton, operational policy advisor, Health and Safety Executive

By working together to deliver the objectives of the new HSE strategy - ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well Strategy’ - collective efforts to improve health and safety outcomes within this industry can deliver so much more than the sum of our individual parts! This presentation will touch on some of the main health priorities for HSE over the next couple of years, many of which are known issues for the cleaning industry. Also covered will be details of HSE’s continued engagement with representatives from the cleaning industry as well as useful sources of information for anyone employed in this industry sector. 

10:15 - Preventing slips and trips - the importance of good cleaning practice

Rob Shaw, technical team lead, falls prevention, Health & Safety Executive

This session will cover: why it is important to tackle slips and trips; what makes floors slippery; why good cleaning is important; and what can be done to improve cleaning practices.

10:45 - Musculoskeletal risk assessment and debate

Christopher Quarrie BSc, CIEHF, Health & Safety Executive

This presentation will outline the latest developments at the Health and Safety Executive and Laboratory on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The presentation will detail amendments to the Manual Handling Operations Regulations and the various risk assessment tools that have been developed to assist in assessing MSD risk in the workplace. However, at the end of the presentation, the speaker would like the audience to consider the manual handling tasks that they or their employees undertake that pose the greatest risk of MSD and what has been done to minimise the risk. The speaker will then open a debate to share best practice - thinking caps on!

11:15 - Understanding MSD risks of using long reach water fed poles in the cleaning industry

Zoe Whyatt, dorsaVi

This presentation will look at how a cross industry collaboration, supported by the HSE, is aiming to define best practice for use of long reach poles.  The project process, data and results will be presented together with the resulting best practice guidelines from this industry-driven project that used world leading wearable technology to gain a unique understanding of the musculoskeletal risks presented by the use of long reach poles.  This is a story of how companies can collaborate to achieve best practice for all workers in a particular job or using a particular piece of equipment, and uncovers how objective data can be used to build an evidence base that allows a new industry standard of best practice to be defined with confidence, and endorsement from the HSE. 

11:45 - Occupational respiratory health in cleaning

Dr. Amy Gyte, senior health exposures scientist, Health and Safety Executive

Research has shown an association between exposure to cleaning products and respiratory symptoms, including asthma. HSE research has aimed to better understand the UK cleaning industry and the evidence for occupational asthma and respiratory symptoms in relation to professional cleaning and the use of cleaning products, drawing from published studies and industry sources.

In its research it has been focusing on the use of environmental disinfectants in healthcare settings by cleaning operatives and nurses. It has also been looking at the transfer of safety and hazard information down the supply chain to the end users. It has established a steering group of stakeholders from across the healthcare sector, with the aim to better understand how environmental disinfectants are used and the potential for respiratory exposure. The HSE aims to identify best practice to minimise exposure and raise the profile of respiratory occupational health across healthcare cleaning.

12:00 - ABCD AGM and Local Authority Cleaning Team of the Year Award sponsored by Denis Rawlins Ltd

SESSION 4: Promoting Your Business Workshops

13:30 - New Dynamics of Selling in the Digital World

Luke Elliott, vendor management and Roberta Donzelli, senior vendor manager, Amazon BISS EU.

How is the B2B buyer evolving? What should your online sales strategy be to capture their interest? What steps should businesses take for online growth? And how must you think differently about marketing to succeed in the new digital age? This session will tackle all these vital questions when confronted with selling in the Digital World.

14:00 - Getting your message across

Richard Bond, director of strategy, SKV Communications

Richard Bond, director of award-winning PR agency SKV Communications and account lead for the British Cleaning Council’s media relations, will be highlighting how to formulate and communicate key messages about your business to a range of target audiences. He will also talk about how to effectively engage with the press, and demonstrate that creativity in communications can be much more than just risky PR stunts. In addition, he will be sharing some tricks to help boost your visibility on social media channels like Twitter, and will give some tips about what to do in a crisis from a PR perspective.

14:30 - Integrated marketing communications – how to attract interest and move prospects through the sales funnel

Chris Klopper, CEO and founder, Mulberry Marketing Communications

In each of the classic sales pipeline stages of awareness, consideration, close and advocate, marketing communications has a vital role to play. This session will examine which marketing communications tactics to use to positively impact each stage in the buying process and how to integrate them for optimal results. Attendees will also leave with some immediately actionable recommendations to apply to their own business.

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