EcoNatural, the real circular paper and dispenser system from beverage cartons

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EcoNatural, the real circular paper and dispenser system from beverage cartons

For 14 years, EcoNatural has been synonymous with sustainable innovation. A project born of advanced technology that transforms what is no longer needed into a resource by recycling 100% of the components of beverage cartons thanks to a manufacturing process that is unique in the sector. Beverage cartons are an essential part of our daily lives. They are composed of cellulose fibres, polyethylene and aluminium and, if correctly sorted, can be recycled through a specific recycling process.

Using Lucart's proprietary technology, cellulose fibres are used to produce Fiberpack®, the raw material used to make a complete range of toilet tissue, hand towels, handkerchiefs, napkins and reels known under the "EcoNatural" brand.

And the polyethylene and aluminium compound is used to produce Al.Pe®, which in turn is used to manufacture paper dispensers, making it the only system to offer a complete paper and dispenser solution made entirely from recycled food cartons.

EcoNatural can be proudly recognised as a virtuous system that reduces the burden of waste on the environment and has enabled Lucart to become a true benchmark for the circular economy in Europe.

Tangible, measurable and certified

EcoNatural also guarantees a tangible and measurable ecological solution: in fact, if we consider the tonnes of Fiberpack® paper produced, Lucart has contributed to the recovery of more than 9.1 billion 1-litre beverage cartons over the last decade.

EcoNatural products can be also proudly recognised as circular, sustainable and environmentally friendly thanks to their multiple certifications: all products in the range are EU Ecolabel, FSC® Recycled and, in the case of products manufactured at the Laval-sur-Vologne site, Cradle to Cradle® certified. In addition, all EcoNatural toilet tissue and hand towels, manufactured at the Laval-sur-Vologne and Diecimo sites, have achieved ISO 14067 Product Climate Neutrality, which means that all greenhouse gas emissions generated during the life cycle of the product over a given period have been reduced and offset to zero.
But Lucart's journey towards real and complete sustainability is not limited to the product itself: where possible, standard packaging has also been replaced by recycled and compostable paper or recycled plastic packaging.


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