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SmartClean International

Smartclean International: The Intelligent Cleaning Management System

SmartClean is the most cost effective cleaning management system available in the UK, with demonstrated improvement in cleaning performance. 
It has been extensively piloted for one year in flagship International HQ client sites in London and we currently monitor thousands of building occupants.

SmartClean dynamically routes your cleaning staff to the washrooms that need it most by connecting them to real-time footfall data through a user-friendly app.
This enables optimal use of cleaning operatives and a reduction in washroom waste, with no limit to building portfolio size or number of floor levels or zones.

By providing measurable insights, SmartClean supports a continuous feedback loop of improvement in operational efficiency.

Data-driven Cleaning Approach
The introduction of SmartClean, our data-driven cleaning approach enables cleaning companies to improve their quality of service in all of the cleaning locations 
that they offer: washrooms, showers, common areas, meeting rooms and catering areas. The installation of small battery powered sensors allows cleaning supervisors 
to monitor how washrooms and other spaces are occupied by our client’s community.

The Smartphone and Tablet App directs cleaners to where they are needed, provides electronic forms for washroom pre-clean 5* assessment, consumables replenishment and instant alerts messaging
We will be launching specific territory franchises for the SmartClean International system.
A specially priced full franchise on-boarding package will be announced at the show for the first ten new partners.

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