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A revolutionary new toilet design.


Combining intelligent & beautiful design with health & wellbeing.


The toilet collection designed with style and carefully engineered aims to put your longterm health & wellbeing first - leading the way for public Washroom Wellness at work and out and about.


WHY’S SLANTY® SO UNIQUE? SLANTY® toilets do not compromise on style, quality or your health. Our revolutionary new toilet, designed to look remarkable as well as perform exceptionally boasts patented design engineering with the user in mind to minimise time spent on the toilet for improving your health and wellbeing. It’s where intelligent design meets functionality. All our toilets are designed with a patented gradient slope to help users spend less time on the toilet. SLANTY® is ideal for both commercial and domestic markets:

  • Reduction of time spent on the toilet
  • Reduction in painful haemorrhoids & weakening of pelvic muscles
  • Queue reduction in commercial spaces
  • Increase in workplace employee wellness and productivity
  • Reduced germs and virus spread through less phone use on the toilet

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