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sales-i is a sales enablement software designed to make every sales conversation more insight-led and profitable. 

With data and analytics, businesses can get a full overview of their insights, from new or missed opportunities to changes in customer buying behaviour. From this, they are able to make smart, actionable decisions that will contribute to their success and targets.

Being armed with sales-i will not only improve sales visibility by mixing transactional and customer data to reveal your customers' buying habits, but you can also benefit from:

- Simplified back-office data analysis that enables clear and straight-forward buying instructions

- The opportunity to protect and grow market share by providing real-time metrics on where customer sales are falling and other opportunities arising

- A much more productive sales team who no longer struggles to obtain timely and contextual sales data from your ERP and CRM systems. sales-i will help them achieve (on average) a 22% increase in invoice value and a 10% overall increase in spending customers

- Recognising and preventing customer churn by having sales-i alert you of any changes in customer spend and acting upon this with a strategic and nurturing approach

If you want to boost your bottom line, increase your margins, improve your sales team and win more market share, visit stand JO3 today.

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Chloe Cordell
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