Polyco Healthline Ltd

Stand F13

Polyco Healthline Ltd, your reliable and trusted partner providing a wide range of disposable and industrial gloves, disposable workwear, infection control, polythene bags, paper and pulp products.

Among our well-known brands are Shield®, Bodyguards®, Handsafe®, Polyco®, finite® and Caretex®. Our brands have become associated with quality, durability and safeguarding employees across various industries and sectors.

Our commitment to research and innovation ensures that our products are right for the task at hand and meet the highest performance standards, as required. Whether it's protecting hands in industrial environments, ensuring hygiene in healthcare settings, or providing reliable solutions for everyday tasks, Polyco Healthline Ltd remains your trusted partner for all your disposable and industrial needs.

Come and visit us at our stand to discover what we can do for you!

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