P-Wave Distributors Ltd

Stand A20

At P-Wave, we've been making waves in air freshening technology since our launch in 2009.

All of our air freshener refills and urinal screens are 100% recyclable and we're now manufacturing with up to 15% recycled content in our air fresheners. Our highly fragranced, fifth generation, splash eliminating Slant6 urinal screen contains the EcoPure additive for faster biodegradation, if it should find its way to landfill (So far over 63% biodegradation has been achieved in just under four years of testing - long term testing will continue). We've also partnered with the NHS on a cancer awareness campaign to encourage gents to visit the GP Practice if they spot blood in their pee. This potentially life saving campaign will run throughout 2024.

Our entire range is aerosol free - containing no propellants or ozone depleting ingredients. The products are easy to install / replace and feature a powerful fragrance, capable of completely transforming the overall customer experience.

We know how difficult it is to create the right impression for visitors and how important perception can be in terms of influencing the feeling of overall cleanliness in a venue. All too often the experience of a business is spoilt by bad odours - particularly in the washroom.

With powerful fragrances repeated in both active and passive products throughout the P-Wave range, you can harmonise your spaces and ensure a consistent experience for visitors every time with the right product for your space.

So come on, do your bit for the environment by ditching the aerosols, and become one of our P-Wave pals! Follow the fragrance to stand A20, where we'll help you find the best solution for your space.

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