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Oxygen Powered

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Oxygen Powered

Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd develop, manufacture, and sell revolutionary odour elimination systems for the ‘Away from Home’ markets. We aim to be the world leader in the fragrancing, odour elimination and washroom hygiene systems and provide the most effective, reliable, and eco-friendly products to our customers. Our unique selling point is our patented ‘Oxy-Gen Powered’ technology that uses pure oxygen to deliver a controlled, accurate, fresh dose of fragrance oil in the air.  It helps remove any malodours by using an effective odour counteractant ‘Neutra-lox™’.

This year, FDT will be exhibiting our line of odour elimination solutions - Oxygen-Pro, Viva!e, and Fab30.

Contact Details

Niki Stoddard
Unit 4 Enterprise Court
Station Road
CW11 3SB
United Kingdom