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We Represent the UK Cleaning Industry.

Since 1966, the CSSA has provided a national voice for contract cleaning companies in the UK. Talking to the government on their behalf, giving our members valuable content and advice to make their businesses better and stronger, and bringing our industry together to socialise and share best practice.

​There has never been a more challenging time to be a contract cleaner. However, there’s never been a more rewarding one either. Our aim is to raise the standards of the cleaning industry, by helping you to grow, innovate, comply and change, making the industry better for everyone involved.

The CSSA is run by the Cleaning Industry for the industry and we exist to help businesses Grow, Comply, Change and Innovate through our accreditation and recognising greatness, key events, online and offine business advice, and having government representation.

​The association celebrates excellence in the industry with our Awards and Innovation Showcase;

- Helping you grow through recognition and accreditation

- Keeping members informed and connected through events

- Keeping you compliant with new laws and legislation giving businesses a powerful collective voice

- Lobbying for change at government level

- Sharing best practices with our members, being at the forefront of innovation, and driving the industry forward with new technology.

Changing Perceptions of our Industry.

The Clean Start Initiative

Clean Start aims to encourage people from all walks of life, whether they are a school or college leaver, graduate or simply looking for a career change, to reimagine their future and career as a professional within this sector.

We do this via live events and in-school talks directly to students and adult learners and you can get involved too.

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