The Cleaning Show

Uni System: one frame for three systems

TTS presents Uni System, the universal frame for washing and disinfection that replaces traditional velcro, pocket and flap frames with just one system, avoiding compatibility problems and the difficult laundry management of different mops. The frame is compatible with a complete range of flat mops with micro flaps and it is compatible with all washing methods: buckets and wringers, pre-soaking and soaking on demand.

Uni System is easy to use and does not involve any physical effort: the universal frame is equipped with a spring that keeps it always a little opened for an easy set-up of the tool. On the contrary, with traditional frames with flaps, the operator needs to interact with feet or do an unnatural wrist movement to open the frame.

Fixing the flat mop to the frame has never been so easy and fast: simply place the frame vertically and press down to start cleaning. Flap mop remains fixed to the frame during cleaning operations thanks to the innovative anti-slip system.

Uni System grants maximum hygiene: the functional buttons allow you to detach the used mop avoiding any contact with dirty fibres, thus effectively preventing the spread of bacteria.

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