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Uni System: an effective ally against cross-contamination

The basic principle to keep in mind to reduce the risk of cross-contamination is that dirt collected in one area must never come into contact with other areas. The hands of the operator are the main vehicle of contamination, it is therefore essential to avoid contact of the hands with the dirt. The touch-free systems are ideal to prevent contamination because they allow the disposal of dirty mops without touching them.

TTS has designed highly hygienic systems to avoid any kind of contact between hands and dirt: the latest news is Uni System, an intuitive, handy and universal frame for washing and disinfection designed to facilitate cleaning operations.
The new system ensures a considerable time and effort saving: the frame remains partially open to ensure an easy set-up of the tool while flat mop with micro-flaps can be quickly fixed to the frame and it remains firmly attached during use. The frame is equipped with a touch-free release system that allows to remove easily and quickly the used mop avoiding any contact with the dirty fibres, thus effectively granting maximum hygiene.
Uni System allows you to reduce the necessary equipment, avoiding compatibility problems and the difficult laundry management of different mops: it can be used with all washing methods, from pre-soaking to soaking on demand, and with the whole range of TTS wringers.

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