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Roma - Remote worker Safety

What can Roma do to help with remote worker safety?

Roma systems provide a workforce management application for your remote staff, however it will also work for office staff based at home during this time of uncertainty. We have a landline monitoring solution that allows even the least technologically advanced individual to be protected.

So how does it help remote workers?

By setting a set shift within the system your staff are able to log in and out of a contracted shift, and by doing so, can generate alerts. These alerts can be emailed free of charge or text (10p) to a designated manager or list of managers for escalation. The alerts include late start, late finish and off site alerts!

By managing the staff this way, and receiving the alerts in real-time, you can ensure staff safety remotely without the need for intrusive devices or 3rd party call centres or requiring a supervisor to be on site at all times.

This is all available from as little as £30 per month for up to 15 staff, probably less than the saving on your employers liability insurance.

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