The Cleaning Show

Infinity: infinitely ergonomic

Infinity is the unique ergonomic system composed by a telescopic handle with double twisting grip and frame with joint, designed by TTS to facilitate the “∞” movement and therefore the professional floor cleaning operations. The operator does not have to use any force: he just needs to accompany the movement, without having to tighten the handle. The upper twisting handle locks with a click, allowing the operator to rest the tool safely.

Equipping operators with Infinity brings significant benefits: the ergonomic system easily cleans even the most difficult-to-reach places, effectively preventing the onset of musculoskeletal disorders.

Infinity allows maintaining a correct posture during cleaning operations, reducing the operator’s strain. Indeed, it facilitates the “∞” movement without tiring shoulders, arms and wrists: the whole body works in a neutral position, thus avoiding the continuous assumption of inappropriate postures that can lead to occupational diseases.

Infinity reduces wrist movements by 75% in comparison with traditional systems: it allows the wrist to operate within a comfortable range of motion (-5°, +20°), reducing effort, rather than the traditional handles where the wrist is subjected to strong flexion-extension (-40°, +60°), that could cause after prolonged use the onset of work-related illnesses.

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