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Hooper Services Limited Launches Willmop 50 - The next generation of floor cleaning innovation!

Hooper Services Ltd and TSM Srl are proud to present the willmop 50 - the next generation of floor cleaning innovation!

Within the vast majority of the cleaning industry, personnel are still having to use a mop and bucket, forfeiting the ability to achieve a deep clean, this is due to the fact that many of the cleaning machines available today are unable to combine the flexibility afforded by a traditional mop with the cleaning power of a professional floor scrubber dryer.

willmop 50 has been ergonomically designed to allow for maximum control with minimum effort, personnel can easily and safely operate the machine with one-hand without any loss of performance or unnecessary strain on the user.

The innovative and patented Elastic Joint, designed and patented by TSM, not only allows for otherwise strenuous bending of the handle and a complete 360° turning arc, but also offers great support of it’s own weight which makes willmop 50 extremely light and manoeuvrable during use.

Cleaning around and beneath furniture has never been so easy or fast thanks to willmop 50

It’s time to say “good bye” to the traditional mop and bucket - for good!

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