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Discover Battery is a Canadian battery manufacturer which has been in business since 1949. Over the years, the business has grown from our beginnings as a battery distributor in Western Canada to a manufacturer serving customers globally, with multiple lines of products from flooded lead-acid to Advanced Energy Systems LiFePO4 batteries.

Many of the world’s leading floor care original equipment manufacturers count on Discover Battery to provide them with batteries included in their machines that are shipped direct to their customers.

“Discover’s unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by manufacturers, distributors and end users of cleaning machines has aided Discover to develop and manufacture advanced AGM, Gel and Lithium batteries for the floor care market.” said Peter White, Business Development Manager, “Our batteries are designed for use in demanding conditions and help to increase operator efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership over the lifetime of their machines.”

Discover’s latest innovation adds HYDROPOLYMER technology to our AGM batteries which enhances partial state of charge (PSOC) operation and improves tolerance of extreme temperatures.

For more information contact Peter at 07860 406031 or

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