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Come out of this stronger with Sales-I

For the foreseeable future, we are adapting to a new way of business, and with this, the way we sell has to change too. Fortunately, for cleaning companies, you are needed more than ever, which makes the actions you take now a determining factor to your success when the crisis ends.

With sales-i, you can continue to hit vital sales goals, by utilising the functions and capabilities within a sales intelligence software. Having a powerful sales tool will ensure every sales conversation you have is insight-led and profitable, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

The insights you receive include; identifying what your customers ARE buying, what they SHOULD be buying and what they have STOPPED buying. Resulting in you being able to identify new sales opportunities, whilst maximising customer revenue and improving your sales team efficiency and effectiveness.

Not only this but you can access sales-i on desktop, tablet, smartphone, on the road, in an office and even without WIFI.

With the ongoing situation, it’s important to identify and take advantage of new sales opportunities, even if your business is currently in high demand.

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