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The Cleaning Show 2021 returns to London following one of the most challenging times for the cleaning sector in a generation. So much has been achieved by cleaning professionals during the Coronavirus pandemic, and much has been done by the British Cleaning Council and other organisations to raise the profile and perceived importance of cleaning within the wider world. Reputations have been built, credibility established and, one can only hope, key worker status assured long into the future.

Enhancements in cleaning practices have not been limited to personnel and public perception during the past 12 months – technological and process developments have also moved ahead at pace. The Cleaning Show 2021 Conference Programme will provide a forum to present and discuss all these developments, and consider the critical next steps for an industry that has placed itself on the frontline of public health and safety delivery.

Topics to be included within the Cleaning Show 2021 Conference Programme include:

  • The new normal for cleaning post-COVID-19: a look at the role of cleaning in protecting public health and safety.
  • Ready for anything: the role of training and education in ensuring cleaning operatives are armed with all the skills they need, and the role of apprenticeships in developing a clear route of entry into the profession.
  • The rise of the robots: how autonomous cleaning can support and enhance current cleaning practices.
  • Baseline protection: the role of antimicrobial surface protection in ensuring a clean environment.
  • Fogging: best practice and technology to ensure the ultimate result.
  • Hand hygiene for the new normal: systems and products to protect the public at work and at play.
  • Proving a point: the role of testing in ensuring (and proving) a clean and safe environment.
  • Technology matters: a contract cleaner’s view on the importance of employing new technology in delivering a modern cleaning service.
  • The green agenda: environmental objectives for the cleaning sector.

Plus much more!

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