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The Health & Safety Clinic by HSE

The Health and Safety Executive will be running a series of sessions advising on the latest advice when working at heights, using water-fed poles and avoiding accidents in the workplace. Brush up on your knowledge of the latest regulations to protect your staff and business.

Tuesday 19 March 2019

The Health & Safety Clinic by the Health and Safety Executive

12:30-12:45Health & Safety in the Cleaning Industry – making sure you ‘Go Home Healthy’
Tracy Hamilton, Health and Safety Executive

This session will introduce HSEs Go Home Healthy campaign, reminding employers they have a duty to protect the health of their workers and challenging them to take a closer look at themselves and the actions they take to ensure all of their workers go home healthy, both now and in the future.
12:45-13:15Preventing Slips and Trips, the Importance of Good Cleaning
Rob Shaw, Health and Safety Executive
This sessions will cover:
• Why it is important to tackle slips and trips
• What makes floors slippery
• Why good cleaning is important
• What can be done to improve cleaning practices
13:15-14:00Update on HSE’s Stress work programme
Rob Vondy, Head of Stress Policy, Health and Work Programme, Health & Safety Executive

The presentation today will provide an update on the work HSE, working collaboratively with industry partners and business intermediaries, is engaged in on Stress. It will highlight the practical advice, guidance and tools to enable employers, employees and their respective representatives to take effective action in tackling work-related stress and support behavioural change.

14:00-14:45Occupational Respiratory Health in Cleaning
Dr Amy Gyte, Senior Health Exposures Scientist, Health and Safety Executive
Research has shown an association between exposure to cleaning products and respiratory symptoms, including asthma. Our research has aimed to better understand the GB cleaning industry and the evidence for occupational asthma and respiratory symptoms in relation to professional cleaning and use of cleaning products, drawing from published studies and industry sources.
14:45-15:30Think differently on how to tackling aches, pains and strains

Mike Paton, Musculoskeletal Disorders Policy Lead, HSE Health & Work Programme
Preventing and reducing musculoskeletal disorders is a priority for HSE and our co-regulators in the Local Authorities. Like many health problems, how we live and work today directly impacts on what the future looks like. This session will cover the HSE's approaches to encourage new and innovate ways to tackle a familiar problem.

15:30- 16:15Musculoskeletal risks with use of long water-fed poles in window cleaning
Royston Barksby, Director, Barksby Services
An insight into research looking at the MSD risks associated with long water-fed pole use in the window cleaning industry, the findings from the research and development of industry good practice guidance.
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