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Stephen Munton

Co-founder and Director at Domestic Cleaning Alliance

Stephen Munton

In the winter of 2003 Stephen set up a small domestic cleaning business as there was a great demand for reliable cleaning services. Thinking only for the short-term, he planned to run the service for a year or two, but he really enjoyed the freedom of working for himself and decided to remain with it. After settling in, Stephen started to accumulate training courses since there was not a specific one available for Domestic Cleaning.

Despite finding the courses invaluable, it was apparent that none of the training perfectly fitted the unique nature of professional domestic cleaning and that’s when Stephen first realised there was a gap which needed to be filled. By 2011 he had long been supporting and training other cleaning business owners on an informal level, as well as continuing to run his own cleaning business, and finally began the process of setting up an official trade association to represent the UK domestic cleaning industry. On the 12th March 2014 the Domestic Cleaning Alliance was registered as a limited company & the process of recruiting for members began.

Five years on and membership is still expanding. "We’ve learnt so much about our own sector and have helped many, many cleaning business owners in their hour of need; that’s really important to us, as running a domestic cleaning business –particularly with staff- is so demanding and often a very isolating experience." - adds Stephen. The Domestic Cleaning Alliance is frequently contacted by a wide range of people & organisations outside of cleaning, who require information about professional domestic cleaning and see them as the go-to authority on all things to do with domestic cleaning.

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