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Mike Paton

Musculoskeletal Disorders Policy Lead at HSE Health & Work Programme

Mike Paton

Since May 2017, Mike leads a policy team looking at preventing work related musculoskeletal disorders. Part of the Health and Work programme, the team’s focus is on delivering HSE’s published musculoskeletal disorders priority plan. Frontline regulatory activities are a key part but collaboration with industry stakeholders and the wider health and safety community is a particular, focus of the team.

Mike joined HSE as a specialist microbiology inspector in 1999, accumulating frontline regulatory experience at some of the most hazardous microbiology containment facilities in the UK. He was HSE’s technical lead on biotechnology and infectious diseases where as secretary to Expert Scientific Advisory Committees (for genetic modification; and for dangerous pathogens) Mike worked across Government and academia. Moving to a policy role in 2013, Mike has experience in introducing new legislation on biotechnology. He has also worked internationally to share regulatory approaches on new and emerging biological risks with the European Commission, United Nations (Convention on Biological Diversity) and the World Health Organisation.

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