Will IoT replace humans in the cleaning industry?

Tuesday 19th March 14:30 - 15:00

UK businesses could save £23 billion per year by improving the way they use resources and interact with their business premises. Furthermore, the built environment accounts for around 33% of waste and 47% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, and what’s alarming is that 30-50% of energy in buildings is wasted. This presentation will focus on how IoT can help identify the hidden risks in buildings that humans can’t - in terms of energy, waste and resources - and help us turn building management problems into smart profits.

Savortex is an innovative UK-funded, multi-award winning IoT technology company. With over 400 projects deployed internationally to multinational companies such as CBRE, Wates and WeWork, its vision is to transform waste and resource into data and new revenue, serving a circular economy business model of the future.

Speaker: Syed Ahmed, CEO at Savortex

Will IoT replace humans in the cleaning industry?

Syed Ahmed is founder and CEO of Savortex. As the visionary and strategist behind the company’s innovative big data business model, Syed has formed strategic partnerships with world leading organsations such as Intel, CBRE and Wates, taking the company’s technology into international markets. Savortex has built the world's first IoT-enabled messaging hand dryer to enhance the hand drying and facilities cleaning industry. Built on Intel technology, the adDryer uses IoT to deliver energy and waste savings, alert cleaners to washroom needs based on actual footfall, and engage consumers with tailored, high-definition video messages.

Syed has assembled a world-class team of engineers, designers, and data architects, and has formed an experienced board of directors further strengthened by the former CEO of Dyson, Martin McCourt, as senior advisor.

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