The Cleaning Show

Technological advances in the detection of surface contamination

Thursday 21st March 11:30 - 12:00

This PowerPoint presentation looks at all the testing methods available to the cleaning industry today. It discusses relevance, pros, cons of each method and makes recommendations for how to use them most effectively. Charts and graphs help the audience to understand the differences in accuracy and relevance of the various methods. There are slides that describe current antimicrobial chemistries, with the latest information on the now proven link between disinfectant resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Speaker: Dr Andrew Kemp, Specialist in surface disinfection and decontamination at University of Lincoln

Technological advances in the detection of surface contamination

Dr Andrew Kemp holds a PhD in surface disinfection and decontamination. His specialist area of research is testing for bio burden, long term disinfection and decontamination. Dr Kemp consults for BICSc, governments, private organisations, and companies. He is regarded as a global expert in his specialist area of work, undertaking research at the University of Lincoln and the University of Baltimore.

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