The Cleaning Show

Skills within your business - what does the future hold?

Tuesday 19th March 12:00 - 12:30

This session looks at predictions for the workplace of the future and explores the implications for the cleaning industry. Workforce development has never been more critical as new industries and roles emerge and others disappear. The pace of change is now so fast that many young people today will ultimately be working in industries and roles which do not currently exist.

So what does this mean for the future of skills in your business? It means you must be prepared for constant updating and as a general rule it means higher level skills will be required. For individuals there will need to be greater ownership of their personal skills mix in order to stay in employment. In essence this session aims to help you manage the transition of your business as skill needs change.

Speaker: Dr Sally Messenger, Head of Education at BICSc

Skills within your business - what does the future hold?

Sally Messenger’s career has been focussed in technical and vocational skills development. She has worked with a wide range of industries to develop workforces, mainly through the development of skill standards and qualifications. Following senior leadership roles with ILM and City & Guilds, Sally has worked on projects for a range of organisations, including BICSc, since 2015.

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