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The Resource Management Zone focused on resource efficiency and waste management to offer waste and recycling suppliers an opportunity to meet the UK's leading contract cleaners, facilities managers, local authorities and a wide range of major businesses. If you offer recycling and waste management products and services, please contact us to find out how you can participate in the future.

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Why create this feature?

After speaking to a number of our existing clients, visitors and suppliers, we have identified a demand for a new event to answer a number of current issues within the resource management sector:

  • Brexit is a major issue and many companies will need to adapt their processes as a result, in particular the way waste management is handled in terms of trans-frontier shipments, exports and imports.
  • Use of plastics are also a current hot issue and as a result there are a wide number of emerging technologies being developed to break/shred/reprocess a huge range of plastic materials (PT/PPT/hard/soft/coloured).
  • Energy from Waste can be an effective way of reducing landfill for many local authorities, by using incinerators or EfW plants. Most of the toxic issues are now resolved, however there can still be a resistance to taking this route. We will look at the reasons why and the options for the future.
  • New Chinese Regulations - China has introduced a range of extremely strict conditions for importing waste (Operation Sword) this is forcing many UK organisations to find new markets for the waste that was going directly to China.
  • Alternative fuel vehicles and machinery – with the repetitive frequency of collections and other council services, many local authorities are seeking opportunities to save fuel and reduce the carbon footprint by sourcing new vehicles and machinery that operate on alternative fuels.
  • Increased demand for cost-effective and environmentally-friendly products within corporate businesses and local authority organisations.With many businesses and schools constantly adjusting their budgets and procurement options, the exhibition will provide decision makers an opportunity to review their waste management processes and budgets to find sustainable solutions for the long-term.

Resource Management will enable visitors to rethink the way they are managing their waste and recycling processes and source new suppliers to help them achieve their goals.

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