Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning System

Research indicates that when cleaning indoor surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and elevators, cleaning professionals face 2 key challenges – efficiency and safety, especially when working at height. Conventional tools and methods require time consuming re-arranging of furniture and electrical equipment for safe access or to reach high or unusually positioned windows. Result - wasted time and increased risks and costs associated with the use of ladders and access equipment. Moreover, the need for intensive staff training creates additional problems, so these infrequent periodic cleaning tasks are often passed to specialist teams or subcontractors.

The Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning System is a revolutionary, ready-to-run solution to your indoor window cleaning needs, also perfect for a multitude of other surfaces. Professional Results Powered by 3M Scotchgard the Stingray allows you to clean at heights of up to 4m (13ft) safely from the ground, creating lasting protection against dust, fingerprints and fogging with every clean.  Fast and Efficient Cleaning windows 5% faster and using 39% less chemicals than conventional sprayer and cloth method, the Stingray is the most efficient indoor cleaning system ever!  Incredible Ease-of-Use With minimal training required even for your least experienced staff, surface cleaning at height can now be safely carried out by in-house teams on a daily basis.  Ideal for day time cleaning The Stingray features an enclosed spraying nozzle, so there are no drips or overspray during work, minimising slip hazards and creating and eliminating the need to re-arrange or cover up the furniture.

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