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Toucan Eco III - Sustainable Cleaning

The Toucan Eco III is the latest version of the sustainable disinfection and cleaning system using Electro Chemical Activation (ECA). This compact system converts ordinary tap water and table salt through electrolysis to a powerful disinfectant and effective cleaning solution. The fluid is made at point of use, does not involve single use plastic containers, transport of liquids or bulky chemicals to site.

Nor does it rely on oil-based or plant-based products that are rapidly diminishing. There are no dyes or other chemicals which can affect users.

This system has been tried and tested in many locations and plays a major contribution to a company's Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)
The Toucan Eco III comes in a ready to use pack complete with a starter pack of salt, a full product manual, and also a pictogram training poster that can be understood by any non English speakers. All the users have to do is add water and plug in to a 3-pin point to make the solution in a 5 minute cycle.
Salt and water are readily available and are renewable resources. By adopting this system instead of the conventional use of chemicals virtually eliminates waste and sets new standards in sustainability.

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