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Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel Dispenser - Washroom Hygiene

Tork PeakServe® Continuous® Hand Towel is a revolutionary hand drying innovation for high-traffic venues, the last of this scale was over 15 years ago. Using continuous technology to provide 800 washroom visitors between refills. Refilling twice as fast and at any time. Preventing hand towel run outs, washroom hold ups & improving the washroom experience of your guests, resulting in return business. Our new hand towels are compressed to fit twice as many in less space. The system is continuous: bundles latch onto each other when loaded and towels are connected so they dispense with no interruption.

•Improves flow: with fast and continuous dispensing, in 3 seconds & 250% more towels; Tork PeakServe ensures that guests are in and out of the washroom with no hold ups
•More sales: 1 in 3 guests who avoid going to the washrooms also limit how much they eat and drink to do so. Tork PeakServe leaves a positive lasting impression of the venue, as such guests will want to return to your business
•More confidence: Tork PeakServe gives cleaning staff the confidence to avoid constantly checking the washrooms at peak times, due to a higher capacity and compressed and continuous bundles
•Capacity: Tork PeakServe® holds 2100 towels, the highest capacity towel dispensing system on the market*

* Compared to Tork Universal refills and folded towel dispenser 552000

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