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Timegate Service Delivery Pack - Management Solutions

Over the past year, Innovise has been investing heavily in a new Timegate Pack; Service Delivery which has been launched in early 2019.

The Service Delivery Pack enables every single member of a cleaning workforce a direct connection to the centralised business operation, via a smartphone app.

In addition to being able to view their diary, request holidays and view company news and announcements – the Service Delivery Pack enriches the on-duty productivity tracking for cleaners.

Now when performing their shifts, employees can track each activity – automatically recording the time each particular task takes, logging any issues experienced and recording productive/non-productive time – all using the same Timegate app used to book on and off their shifts.

Using the Service Delivery Pack, Cleaning organisations can get a top-down, data driven view on what is happening by every person, on every shift, for every client, rolled up in powerful management dashboard views

Example use case: Customer discount at renewal

With the market so competitive, it’s not unusual for end-clients to demand discount at contract renewal. Rather than using anecdotal metrics to reduce costs (and potentially margin!), using Timegate data, cleaning customers can determine exactly what is performed on contract and fine-tune the activities in agreement with the customer to ensure that they remain competitive yet profitable, and continue to deliver service excellence.

Summary: Timegate Service Delivery Pack delivers the evidence-based analytics that can prove service delivery, benchmark activities and ultimately raise performance and productivity levels across the entire cleaning workforce.

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