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The Ultimate 3D S.Cafe - Floor Cleaning

Every day, Coffee shops generate huge amounts of coffee grounds wastes. Decitex’s partners collect this waste from around the world and transform the coffee grounds into a yarn. From that yarn, Decitex has designed the first microfiber mop made from coffee grounds. This innovation demonstrates unique benefits.

“Transforming coffee grounds into a yarn” the idea might have seemed absurd a few years ago but today the textile industry can make the unimaginable possible! The ULTIMATE 3D S.Café® advances textile technology innovation like you've never seen before.

S.Café® technology uses a low temperature, high pressure energy efficient process to combine coffee grounds and microfiber yarn. This certified yarn offers up to 200% faster drying compared to a cotton fiber. The ULTIMATE 3D S.Café® mop is developed on a 100% polyester base. The S.Café® durability with 50 wash guarantee performs in the most extreme conditions (use of bleach, high temperature washing or drying, etc.).

The ULTIMATE 3D S.Café® provides enhanced glide and greater area coverage thanks to the patented Ultimate technology: the front of the mop, with alternating scrub action sections, agitates the soiled floor surface to release particulate and dried-on oily soil which is then absorbed by the mop back section containing 100% microfiber. The S.Café® yarn naturally absorbs odour related to soiled wet mop storage while awaiting laundering.

• 1st microfiber mop of the market made from coffee grounds wastes
• Light weight
• Wash resistant
• Quick dry
• Natural odour control
• Water savings
• No need of chemicals

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