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Tersano iClean Mini - Sustainable Cleaning

The iClean mini™ is a small electronic hand-held appliance. Using unique patented technology, it instantly transforms ordinary tap water into a Powerful Natural cleaner and sanitiser, which is 10 times more effective than bleach, without the toxins, residues or fumes that come with traditional cleaning chemicals.

To use, Simply fill with cold drinking water, press the button and the iClean miniTM‘s diamond-coated electrodes instantly creates a cleaning solution that is safe for people yet tough on dirt, germs, and odours, for on demand cleaning anywhere, anytime, one unit does it all!

The iClean mini kills 99.9% of germs including E.coli, Salmonella and Listeria and is so safe, it will not harm eyes or skin if accidentally splashed. With a safety Rating of 0-0-0 (SDS), the advanced technology then reverts back to oxygen and water after use. Additionally, no COSHH is needed as one document covers all.

With the recent environmental trend and more people being concerned about the damage that chemicals are causing both to our bodies, and the planet, the iClean Mini has never been more current. A recent study published by the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found that prolonged exposure to cleaning chemical is similar to smoking 20 cigarettes a day for over 20 years.

Ideal for home, office, childcare centres, clinics, hospitals, restaurants, and much more.

Save time and money by no longer purchasing multiple chemical cleaners, while keeping the places you live, work, and play safe with the New Size of Clean!

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