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Templa's 40-year background in financial software and dynamic integration has enabled us to challenge the long-standing status quo that existed in this industry’s software market. We have demonstrated to industry members that a combination of off-the-shelf standard financial software and a solution that leverages common data within a purpose-built solution for cleaning/FM contractors, delivers far more tangible business benefits. Here are the key admin areas and the benefits integration delivers:

A centralised real-time contract database offers instant securable information to staff at all levels, i.e. one version of the truth. Managing this in a timely manner means all other functional areas are instantly updated.

Integrating these across all expenditure areas offers accurate comparison of budget and actual spend within pay and purchasing, this can potentially save contractors £000s.

Integrated ‘live’ timesheets for use by the payroll department and operations managers alike, plus the ability to use workflow for line manager approval, radically improves pay cycle completion. Wage variance control, holiday management, national insurance and dynamic links to a T&A system ensures the major costs in the business are under full control. Plus, just a small percentage point saving across any of these wage costs can contribute a significant increase in the contractor’s bottom line.

Being able to consolidate the client billing requirement for contract invoices, one-off work and rechargeable consumables into an integrated process, means no lost revenue, faster invoice production and a positive effect on cash flow.

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