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Remote Guidance is an award winning digital technology and the future of customer service and technical support using leading edge digital support technology.

Augmented Reality:
Remote Guidance allows you and a Diversey customer support technician to meet virtually, in real time, blending local and remote collaborative video streams to give and receive interactive help anywhere and instantly.

Fast, Free and Easy Support and Troubleshooting:
Remote Guidance is quick and easy to use and requires no registration. The solution allows you to speak to an expert and show them the issue in real time. Our technical customer support staff can then assess issues and walk you through the solution using mixed reality technology of voice and visual interaction so you can get back to business and reduce costly downtime. If a technician does need to come out and fix an issue, they will already have the necessary parts and an understanding of the problem - making their visit as quick and easy as possible.

Internet of Clean:
The award winning Remote Guidance solution is part of Diversey’s Digital Ecosystem, the Internet of Clean. IoC utilizes Internet of Things technology to remotely monitor equipment, machines and operations through sensor-generated data. Through data science and analytics, this allows for complete insight into operations, dosing, compliance and machine performance and transforms service models from reactive to proactive and predictive. Diversey partners with our valued customers to drive their operational excellence and cost sustainability across the various industry sectors.

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