Quick and Easy

Innovation is often achieved when novel meets useful and this is very true of the new “Quick and Easy” cleaning system.  The purity of its simplicity and elegance as a practical solution for improving the control and performance of cleaners on the move makes it a must have.  It combines the convenience of automatic dosing and mobility with some of the most powerful cleaning solutions available; achieving outstanding results in a wide range of applications.  It is also safe for users (CLP free at point of use) as well as being truly “green”.

Quick and Easy is an exciting and innovative product that is setting new standards in performance, practicality, safety and sustainability.  No longer does sustainable mean compromise when it comes to performance or cost in use.  Here are some of the key features:  Foaming Spray Head with lock and quick change system on the move – Only one trigger head is required and formulations can be changed in seconds as cleaners move between application areas. Foaming application reduces waste and ensures effective use, keeping cost in use low.Four Formulations cover a range of applications Tanet Interior – A universal surface cleaner, Tanex Performa – High performing stain remover, Sanet Daily – A sanitary maintenance cleaner, Grease off – A universal kitchen cleaner  Quick and Easy is Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified: All ingredients are safe for people and nature. All ingredients come from plant origins and are highly biodegradable. Manufactured with 100% renewable energy.

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