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MyFresh - Washroom Hygiene

Air Freshening Just Got Personal! MyFresh is the latest innovative solution from P-Wave® that delivers targeted, clean and efficient air freshening for small, personal spaces. Using a motion sensor located within the front panel, The High Velocity MyFresh fan springs into action exactly when required, reducing fragrance overload and nasal fatigue. Air is drawn in at the rear of the unit through charcoal filters - these cleanse the air prior to be being expelled and keep the unit interior free from dust and debris. Best of all, the dry scent refills are 100% recyclable and are available in four premium fragrances! The MyFresh cabinet is lockable and also features an LCD screen which reminds the washroom attendant when to replace the battery and refill. MyFresh can be installed next to a urinal, inside bathroom cubicles or on a vanity mirror, but it isn't just limited to the washroom - MyFresh is also perfect for use in elevators or even on a desk in an office, it's that versatile!

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