Liberty A50

Nilfisk recently launched The Horizon program. It is a strategic long-term innovation program that builds on Nilfisk’s 110 years of innovation experience, and which will fundamentally change the way we clean bringing highly intelligent products and solutions to the market.

The first launch in The Horizon program is the Nilfisk Liberty A50, an autonomous scrubber dryer developed in close collaboration with Carnegie Robotics, the leading provider of advanced robotic sensors and software. The Nilfisk Liberty A50 brings state of the art technology to the cleaning industry enabling customers to deploy unmanned floor cleaning with accuracy and precision. A range of sensors map the environment, detect people, obstacles and drop offs (stairwells etc.), and the robust, perception system therefore allows safe operation within multiple unstructured environments. The CopyCat mode records a normal cleaning pattern for the area in question, allowing the same cleaning pattern to be ‘replayed’ autonomously when the play button is activated. The Fill in Mode allows an area to be outlined before the machine utilizes an advanced algorithm to work out the best, most efficient way to independently clean the specified area. And with only three buttons the model is very easy to use with minimal training required for operation. Both driverless modes free up cleaning operatives for manual, ad-hoc jobs in more unstructured environments such as busy offices. In sum, the Nilfisk Liberty A50 is the first step towards tomorrow’s cleaning.

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