Interchangeable Toilet Roll Dispenser

As part of Dolphin’s new UK manufactured plastic dispenser range, there is an ingenious 3 in 1 dispenser.

The BC250 Micro Mini Jumbo Dispenser, BC251 CoreMatic Dispenser, BC252 Coreless Dispenser all look exactly the same from the outside, but are different on the inside.

What makes these dispensers unique is the spindles that are fully interchangeable, so you have a BC252 Coreless Dispenser and want to change to Micro Mini Jumbo, then all you have to do is purchase a spindle and the dispenser is transformed. The best benefit is for janitorial companies who have supplied dispensers free on loan and fitted the dispenser for their customer. They won’t have the extra cost of another dispenser FOL and another fitting cost again, offering genuine savings.

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