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As the UKs largest independent provider of cleaning equipment solutions we are well versed in the challenges currently facing service providers. One of the biggest areas of exposure in terms of compliance is the management and tracking of assets, the tools of the trade. 
Experience tells us that anything from 5-25% are not accurately tracked for a variety of reasons. These include, internal movement or misplacement, lack of knowledge or attention, even pilferage.
This causes issues with asset management and compliance leading to an unacceptable H&S risk and a significant waste of resource locating missing assets.

Imagine then, a world where our assets were located down to a pinpoint position using the latest technology. We know our mobile phones and other remote devices can be identified using its on-board location feature, so why can we not use the very same cost effective technology to locate each and every one of our cleaning assets. Meet ICE LOCATOR!
ICE Locator uses Bluetooth and GPS technology, providing pin point accuracy of equipment locations.

So when the ICE engineer visits to attend a periodic maintenance visit, we can be sure of capturing ALL relevant assets quickly and efficiently. Equally this industry first provides unsurpassed accuracy in terms of asset data, particularly useful for the management of rental assets.
Whilst we believe that ICE Locator is another industry first, the technology employed is tried and tested.  So, ICE are leading the way and continuing our belief that we are indeed enjoying the 4th Industrial Revolution!

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