Eco Silver Paper

Are you sure that your higienic paper is really "hygienic"? Do you know that a bad conservation in your warehouse of your paper products means to have an open door to bacteria? Do you know that a wastepaper basket could be a bacteria's nursery ?

Are you sure that your hands after the drying with paper towels have less bacteria than before their washing? Do you trust in the "cleaning" level of the factory where your articles in paper were produced?

To answer these questions arose Eco Silver Paper.

It is the first tissue in the World with antibacterial active inside that reduces the bacterial charge naturally presents in the paper. The Eco Silver Paper project has been developed in three years collaboration with some prestigious Italian Universities and Cartindustria Veneta, manufacturer with a strong experience in the production of paper products for AFH/Retail market . Eco Silver Paper guarantees not only an hygienic level never reached before but a real defense against bacterial contamination. The production process has required some technical modifications to the “hardware” of the converting machine and a deep chemical research to find the most effective and durable active. The Eco Silver articles are certified in each production lot and our distributors can get that documentation directly from our website.Our range is complete: medical sheets, handtowel rolls (for autocut and centerfeed dispensers) folded handtowel, kitchen rolls, multi-uses rolls. Eco Silve Paper is the right way for our distributors to be innovative, exclusive, profitable.

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