EASY!Force & EASY!Lock

Kärcher redefines pressure washer cleaning with new trigger gun

Across the commercial, industrial and public sector, pressure washers are one of the most frequently used cleaning machines thanks to their versatility in removing virtually all types of dirt. Yet an important prerequisite for efficient use is that the technology and handling allow fatigue-free working, even during long periods of operation. 
This is where Kärcher’s "EASY!Force" patent-packed concept comes to the fore. The most exciting innovation is the revolutionary trigger; now pushed into the handle with the ball of the hand, the recoil of the water jet automatically presses the trigger against the hand, creating effortless use. The reduced force prevents hand and finger strain and in turn muscle cramps; ideal for both those operating machines frequently or who haven’t the grip strength for prolonged use with a traditional trigger.

Further advances include the redesign of both interfaces from the trigger gun to the lance and high-pressure hose. A quadruple trapezoidal thread, "EASY!Lock", allows a tight and reliable connection with only a single turn (360°); perfect for those working in gloves or cold conditions.

A total of 476 accessory parts have been converted to the new EASY!Lock screw thread including those connecting lance to nozzle and hose to pressure washer - meaning companies now only need one gun and one lance to fit all their machine fleet and, thanks to special adapters, old and new machines and accessories can be mixed and matched.

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