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Airpole Roof Cleaning System - Outdoor Cleaning

Its a fact that people hate lads/men clambering over their roof with a high powered pressure washer. Why?

1. It creates a huge amount of mess due to the water and dirt going all over the place.
2. It causes damage to the tiles which most of the time is not reported, the damage only coming to light later with the cleaning company denying responsibility and can be very costly to repair
3. The pressure washer strips the top protective surface off the tile drastically reducing the life of the roof.
4. Standing on a roof is dangerous and can cause even more damage to fragile tiles.

The Airpole Roof Cleaning System has been developed to address these issues. 1.It is a dry no mess system. 2.It allows the operator to clean moss off roofs without walking / going on the roof.3. Using our engineered attachments which fit onto window cleaning poles the moss is loosened and then blown down the roof using compressed air. 4.The compressed air at around 100psi (compared to pressure washer 2500psi) is then used to blow the dirt out of the cracks and joins of the tiles depriving the moss of a place to grow and with no damage to the tiles or roof structure. Even very fragile roofs can be cleared of moss causing no damage. A biocide can then be applied to the roof surface leaving it totally sterile.

The Airpole Roof Cleaning System opens a whole new area of external cleaning.

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