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StoreTech has launched ‘Flexicount’, a new people counting solution developed specifically for the facility management sector. Flexicount, comprises of a non-intrusive hardware sensor and software dashboard, designed to help facility managers do their job better by giving them the real-time data they need. The software dashboard uncovers key metrics about the footfall rate of washrooms, so service providers can tailor their resources more accurately. Using heatmap, managers can also determine which areas need most attention as well as accrue longer-term information for planned preventative maintenance projects. The system’s non-intrusive installation process is a first for the footfall counting market. Its sensor hardware is installed via a simple adhesive strip that requires no drilling; once fitted the product then runs off its own independent 3G network and power pack. This ‘light touch’ means that Flexicount can be producing data for customers within an hour of fitting, eliminating the hassle, disruption and delays that often comes with new workplace technology. Recognising that facility managers are rarely based at a desk, Flexicount also incorporates a mobile alert which triggers once a pre-determined footfall threshold has been reached. This feature not only gives users greater flexibility when going about their day but also allows them to be more responsive to issues.

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Andrew Howarth
6th Floor, 2 Kingdom Street, London W2 6JP
United Kingdom


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