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Spotless Water

Spotless Water is the UK's first self-service, ultra-pure water network for the cleaning industry. Providing reliability, quality and cost effective convenience to all window cleaners and car valeters working across the UK. Currently Spotless Water have opened over 30 easy-access filling stations and are constantly installing more, working hard to achieve the long term goal of having a filling station within a 15 minute drive of anywhere around the UK. The stations dispense superior quality ultra-pure water that has a guaranteed TDS reading of 0 PPB, this is to ensure the best possible result for any cleaning job. Join us on stand B06 where we will be giving live demos of the filling station, showing you how easy and efficient they are to use. We will also be offering anyone who signs up for an account 555 litres of Spotless Water to try our water and service out for free.  

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