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Primax was founded in 1992. Since its inception, the company has gone through various developmental stages, adapting to market conditions. Today Primax d.o.o. employs 48 workers in three shifts and owns a production and storage space of 2000 square meters.

The company produces PE foil and PE packaging products of the highest quality for the gastronomy, shops, hospitals and the food industry, as well as the cleaning industry. We also have an assortment of candles and lanterns in our production program, and are the leading manufacturers in this segment in Croatia.

The aim of our company is to continuously improve the service and increase the quality range of products at the best prices.

An extensive distribution network and our own logistics ensures fast delivery of products to our customers, which makes us a valued and reliable partner.

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Vedran Dankić
Mirogojska ulica 27, Zadubravlje
Trnjani, 35211 Slavonski Brod


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