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Steam Cleaning pioneers, designing and delivering new applications of dry steam cleaning when and where it’s needed.

In our 20 plus years, we have led steam cleaning innovation - the first to introduce gum removal technology to the streets, harnessing the power of steam with the Gum Busters Range, which we then further developed into the first battery-powered gum removal machines, for discreet, cable free day time operation. Alongside manufacturing large commercial steam cleaners and bespoke industrial scale stationary dry steam CIP (Cleaning In Place) conveyor belt cleaners

Beyond the machinery we have developed, to ensure the validity of dry steam cleaning, in partnership with TNO and University College London Hospitals, we wrote the methodology for validating the efficacy of steam cleaning in healthcare environments. This methodology may have celebrated its 10th anniversary but it is still used as the industry benchmark to this day!

We can say with confidence that our machines are fully scientifically validated, and with live setting testing, ensure safe and clean environments in any sector, including:

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Thomas Stuecken
Unit 3,
Cheltenham Trade Park,
GL51 8LZ

United Kingdom

Website: https://www.ospreydc.com/

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